Postpartum Doula

“Doulaling: The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing advocating for and assisting a woman prenatally during labor, childbirth and after.”


I work with families to identify what type of support you need. I offer postpartum services in conjunction with or separate from birth services. I work with families who are formed by surrogacy or adoption, even if the child is no longer a newborn. I try to lighten the load that new parents inevitably feel. As a postpartum doula, pd2my first priority is to ensure that the new mother is well rested and relaxed and to assist her with breastfeeding and bonding with her baby. I bring nurturing and care to. 

During the day I teach baby care skills, help to process feelings about the transition or birth, help care for older siblings, hold the baby while you nap or shower, as well as cook, nourishing meals and help with light housework.

At night my help is usually more about helping parents to get as much rest as possible. I will be there to change, sooth, feed or help the nursing parent to feed the baby. There is also usually time for answering questions you may have when I first arrive if that is what your family is needing that night.

Even though the services provided will vary from client to client, typical postpartum services include:

  • Regularly visiting at your home during the early days after birth and into the first few months postpartum, or longer as needed.
  • Providing physical, emotional, educational and practical support to the family following the birth of the baby.
  • Caring for the mother, giving her time to recuperate and relax.
  • Assisting with breastfeeding issues, one-on-one or over the phone counseling.
  • Helping reduce family stress by screening for postpartum mood disorders.
  • Assisting with newborn care such as diapering, bathing and comforting.
  • Providing information on baby soothing techniques.
  • Helping with baby sleep issues.
  • Providing day and overnight care.


To get started, I will book an interview with you to discuss your needs and how I can assist you and baby. Once you have decided you want to retain my services, I will forward you a contract and at that time a minimum retainer of 50% of the hours you want to schedule is due in order to reserve my calendar.


I charge hourly, $35 from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (4 Hour Visits) $45 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 am (8 Hour Visits) For twins, I charge an additional 25% of the visit.

Generally, the average family requests home visit 3 times a week during the day for 4 hours a day postpartum-doula-imagefor 4 to 6 weeks and 2 to 3 evenings a week for an 8-hour visit from 10:00 pm – 6:00 am. I am open to more or fewer home visits, based on your specific needs.