Birth Doula

“Although birth is only one day in the life of a woman, it has an imprint on her for the rest of her life” ~Justine Caines

As your Birth Doula, I will provide the following services:

I would be honored to be part of your birth team! I’m a professionally trained birth doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator. I am passionate about supporting you and your family through the transition from pregnancy to birth and postpartum healing.

  • 2 Prenatal visits (more as needed) 1- 3 hours, depending on what is needed.
  • Identification of your support needs and creating a birth plan
  • Meeting with your care provider if desired
  • Unlimited phone consultations continually throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • 24-hour on-call availability during your due date range (3 weeks)
  • Continuous birth support, until 1 to 2 hours after birthatticus
  • Support for your birth partner
  • 1 Postpartum visit
  • Guaranteed back-up doula services
  • Use of my ever growing lending library of books pertaining to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, infant care, new fathers/parents, childbirth class, and partner support.
  • If desired I can assist in photographing the labor when my efforts are not needed elsewhere at the moment. I am not a birth photographer and this is optional, but I am willing to take some extra photographs during labor.
  • Ongoing support as needed and extensive referral services
  • Additional prenatal or postpartum visits can be added for an hourly fee.
  • Bone Broth and Personal Chef Services for you and family, please contact me to discuss these additional services.

Home Visit One:  I will come to your home for an initial 1-hour meeting face to face, to provide information about doula service and allow you to decide if we are a good match. It is essential for me to know that you feel comfortable and empowered in sharing your labor and birth experience with me. This initial consultation is always free of charge.

Home Visit Two and Three: I will come to your home for two meetings in which we discover your fears/desires/hopes for your labor and birth and I help you create your birth plan. We will discuss the stages of labor and address all your questions. If you prefer, we may practice several pain management techniques and coping skills, and several pushing positions for birthing. We will discuss when to call the doula and when to call your doctor or midwife and discuss specific signs of labor and its progression to help you know for sure when your birthing time has come.

24-Hour On-Call: I am available to you anytime day or night from the time you are 37 weeks pregnant until the time your baby is born.  Should you have a pre-term birth, every effort will be made to provide services during that time as well. I will ensure I have a backup doula in the unlikely event I am unable to attend the actual labor. Every effort will be made for me to be there.

doula back compression.pngAll of Labor, Delivery and 1 Hour Postpartum: While in early labor, I will be available by text and phone and if need be, I will come to your home. I will join you at your birthing place during active labor, and remain by your side during transition and birth and remain with you postpartum, up to a 1-2 hours after your birth to ensure bonding and a good start to breastfeeding has begun.

Phone/E-mail/Text Support: As your doula, I will be available by phone for you or your partner any time throughout pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum. You are welcome to call after visits to your healthcare providers, call to ask questions about pregnancy or early labor, or call even if you just need emotional support.

Postpartum Follow-Up: This final home visit offers an opportunity for us to see one another one more time and talk about your birth experience. If you want me to take photos, if labor and time permit for me to do, I will give them to you at this time, along with a log of notes that I took during your labor.

Breastfeeding Support: As your doula, I can aide with initial latch-on after birth and provide breastfeeding support by phone pre- and post-birth.

Insurance Reimbursement: You will be provided with service receipts, a letter verifying services rendered, and other documentation to assist you in filing for reimbursement of fees from your insurance company. Please click here to see what insurance companies reimburse for Doula services and steps for reimbursement.

Physical Support

embracing birthing momWe will practice breathing techniques, birthing positions, hands-on massage, as well as counter pressure techniques that will alleviate pain and help guide you through the challenging moments. I will also teach your partner these techniques, so we are all working in rhythm during labor. During our prenatal visits, we will discuss what environment you want to create in your labor room, via lighting, music, aromatherapy and I will make nutritional recommendations throughout our work together. My desire as your doula is to aid you in creating a peaceful setting in the delivery room and most importantly being attentive to all your laboring needs and empowering you to make your decisions for your labor and birth!

Emotional Support for Laboring Mom and Birthing Partner

I help you feel supported by listening to your concerns and providing you evidenced-based information to aid you in making informed decisions. I help to create a space where the hormones of labor can work at their best. I support not only for the birthing mother but also for the birthing partner. Whether it is a romantic partner, a friend or another family member like the baby’s grandma, your experience matters too. Physical and emotional support makes a huge difference for everyone involved!

Evidence-Based Information and Advocacy

As a DONA International Trained Doula, I am trained to serve as a bridge of communication between women and their providers, lifting them up to help them find their voices and advocate for the very best care. I do this through on-going training through DONA International, as well as Birthways Volunteer Doula Program, and Passion for Birth Lamaze International. I am also privileged to be a part of Bay Area veteran doula Felicia Roche’s Doula Collective, where we support one another and backup for each other.

As a Doula I will:

  • Assist the mother and her partner/husband in preparing for and carrying out their body knowsplans for the birth.
  • Recognize the mother’s goal of giving birth as she defines it. We will make a birth plan together.
  • Provide constant presence, encouragement and informational support throughout the entire labor and birth.
  • Provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, and an objective viewpoint to help the mother get the information she needs to make good decisions.
  • Ensure the partner/husband always remains the #1 in support and will be able to participate and be assisted and supported by the Doula as necessary and desired.

As a Doula I will not:

  • Discourage the mother from her choices. I will always respect & facilitate those choices. I do not have my own agenda:  it’s your birth.
  • I do not perform medical tasks such as fetal heart monitoring or vaginal exams
  • I cannot provide transportation to and from the hospital.
  • I cannot make decisions for you. I will help you in getting the information from your midwife/doctor and nurses so that you will be able to make informed decisions.

Rates and Payment:

Payments can be made by check, cash, PayPal transfer, Venmo, or gift certificates purchased by your family or friends. Many insurances now reimburse for doula care, prenatal care, or postnatal care. Please check with your insurance to see what they cover. I can provide an invoice for you to submit to your insurance. Please click here for more information on insurance reimbursement process for Doula care.

To make a booking, please contact me for an interviewAfter we meet and decide to work together, I will give you a contract to fill out and return with a 50% retainer fee. The remaining balance is due by 32 weeks of pregnancy or paid in full if booking is made after 32 weeks. My rate as a birth doula is $900. Please contact me to discuss a sliding scale if you have an extreme financial need or if you are planning to give birth outside of a hospital.

*If you think you cannot afford doula services* I feel every person who wants a doula should have access to one. If cost is a barrier please contact me. I offer payment plans and take a limited number of low/reduced fee clients. Priority for reduced rate services will go to single and teen parents.  Thank you to my full fee clients, without whom I would be unable to provide this service!

baby booty.PNGGift Certificates:

Ask your friends and family to purchase a gift certificate towards doula care, in lieu of a baby shower gift. This is perfect for the family who live far away or anyone who wants to give you extra support.  I can send a gift certificate by mail or email or just credit your balance.