About Me

sparkly3I believe in a sisterhood among women. It has been there my whole life, through my known sisters and my stranger sisters… IT JUST ALWAYS HAS BEEN – and it is this love of true woman sisterhood that I embrace in my life is what inspires me to do Doula work.

All my life I have strived to treat people as well as possible, particularly those most vulnerable. I truly believe in the inner strength we each innately posses to meet our greatest challenges, whatever they may be. It is my utmost desire to support your stand in your own confidence and strength so you can do whatever it is you decide to do for yourself and your baby.

stephLife, like birth, can seem like stepping into the unknown, HOWEVER, my role as your Doula is to empower you in all the ways I can for you to know YOU CAN DO THIS and YOU ARE POWERFUL! My love of sisterhood and my desire to help people meet their challenges is simply why I am a Doula.

I have attended over 70 births in the last 2 years. I volunteered through Birthways in Berkeley, SF General Homeless Prenatal Program to get my initial experience and then through word of mouth referrals and earlier this year I was asked to join the Working Women Doula Group, championed by my teacher and mentor, 20-year veteran Felicia Roche. Being a part of this collective, means I have an amazing resource of experience and knowledge from incredible doulas that I can draw from at any time. We support each other and are each other’s backups when needed. Deciding to step forward into the unknown, explore what the process of becoming a Doula, committing to the study, the sisterhood of it and working under the mentorship of Felicia Roche through DONA International and under Connie Sultana through Passion for Birth to attain my Lamaze Childbirth Teacher Training certificates my life’s work has become my greatest joy! Along my life path to becoming a doula, I have worked as a massage therapist, a private and catering chef, a small business owner managing touring jazz artists, producing many concerts and festivals, and I am even a skipper and owner of my own fishing boat. Through these endeavors, I have gained the confidence to know I can do anything and in particular, I have a true talent for Doula work, as I know how to be present, compassionate, tenacious and creative, which my life gratefully has given me these gifts.

The sisterhood of being a Doula means I am never alone when supporting you. At any time, I can tap into the wisdom of years of experience that comes before me. We all support each other in this way. I am never alone as a Doula and you don’t need to be as a mother-to-be.

strongMy commitment to you is to be present for you physically, mentally and emotionally. To provide a sanctified, peaceful space for your labor, where you are heard and seen and to ensure you have evidence-based information regarding your labor and delivery to help you make educated decisions and goals. To help you reach your birth goals, I will be consistent in my care for you, I will communicate, listen and advocate for you, and I will bring the skilled training I have learned to help you manage pain through movement, touch, and breath. ~ Stephanie Dalton